Hair and Head Ornaments

The Jewelry that made to adorn the hair or head of the person. There are different ornaments for head and hair Sarpech (an ornament for a turban), Earring, Hatpin, Hairpins, and Fascinators.

Neck Ornaments

A piece of jewelry that consists of a very small case that can be worn round the neck on a chain. The form neck ornaments are Necklaces, Torcs, and Bolo tie.

Arms and Hand Ornaments

The jewel that adopts the place of the arms and worn in the wrist and fingers of the hand. These are of known as Armlets (upper arm bracelets), Bracelets, Cuff links, Bangles, and Rings.

Body Ornaments

Body ornaments are something that adorns the person’s upper part of the body puts on or changes to embellish upon. Belly chains, Breastplates, Brooches, Chatelaines, and Body piercing jewellery are various body ornaments.

Feet Ornaments

The feet ornaments are mostly an ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string that worn around the ankle. Also, ring type ornaments are worn in the toe especially by Indian women. The jewels that worn on the feet are the following Anklets (ankle bracelets), Toe rings, and Barefoot sandals.