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Jewelry or Jewellery is the traditional and aesthetic value of the world. It holds around 75000 years of history when the people started beautifying themselves by adorning jewelry. Africans were the first and foremost people to use the jewelry in the form of sea snail shells. Later in 5000BC, Egyptians started making jewels in gold and believed that the gold jewels is a symbol of luxury, wealth, and power. In 1300BC Greece people incorporated amethysts, pearl, and emeralds in the jewelry to make them more attractive.In India, the usage of jewelry was started from early 8000BC.The Indus valley civilization is the first civilization to create gold earrings, necklaces, and metallic bangles in different forms. India is the first country to mine diamond in 300BC. From the ancient days to modern culture, jewelry is considered as a prestigious property, particularly among the women.The amount of jewelry owned by a woman also signifies the status and richness of one’s family.

Mostly, Jewelry is made of gold, silver, and platinum with including nine gems such as Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow sapphire, Diamond, Blue sapphire, Hessonite, Cat’s Eye. The art form of jewelry is changing day by day and jewelry market is the evergreen precious market in the world. The new modern jewels making is of artificial jewelry or imitation jewelry.

Jewellery Types: Hair and Head Ornaments, Neck Ornaments, Arm Ornaments, Hand Ornaments, Body Ornaments, Feet Ornaments, Special Function Ornaments.



Jewelry making is a long, slow and dedicated process, Each product undergoes several processes for the better result. The natural components of jewelry like stone, metal accessories involved in a huge complicated process. Every jewelry is personalized and handcrafted after the machinery process. Concept and design are the most important factor for making a jewel. Once designing is completed then it will undergo to the step by step process like molding, casting, filing, polishing, decorating, finishing, plating, quality checking and it is ready for packaging.

  • Designing and Molding the concept
  • Casting and filing the raw material
  • Polishing, decorating and finishing the product
  • Plating and checking the quality of the jewelry for packaging


  • Handcrafted with well trained skilled craftworkers
  • Gold and other precious metals are iso standardized of precious metal alloys
  • Pure form of raw materials
  • Royal and prestigious look


  • Beautifying One’s Persona
  • Enhancing the Color & Style
  • Occasion and Traditional Wear
  • Impact on Health and Medical Benefits


Jewels Usage: Jewels used each and every community to decorate themselves and also used in the finances and investing purpose.

Raw Material Usage: The Raw and core material of the jewel such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum are used in the various forms and fields

  • They are used in Dentistry and Medicine
  • They are involved in Electronics and Computers
  • They play a pivotal role in Aerospace
  • They are the prominent parts in Medals and Awards

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